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Search similar: Forums, the Site, old Forums uniqs 1269 soja join waterloo,.4.8, can't pinpoint lag problem.
Kind of shady they can advertise and sell "up to 50 Mbps" when they know damn well they can't deliver.
My neighborhood's bandwidth is maxed, during the day it runs about 40-60 max capacity and from around 6pm to midnight it's maxed at 100.
Not just WoW, I'll atlantic city casino bus schedule to new york get the same ping on swtor.Can't really think of any other explanation and I know TWC will not admit to throttling.That, and 22D, 2Upload is really the best you can get here before Fiber, and that's more so limited to Boise, Moses Lake, Pendleton, Yakima, Spokane, Seattle, and Portland areas.You can google if you want more information.My home network configuration is my TWC provided modem/router/AP in bridged mode, and using my own pfSense machine as a router.They sent the new router when they did the free upgrade from 100/10 to 300/20."A wise man fears and departs from evil, But a fool rages and is self-confident.".I consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable when it comes to basic networking, I can run traceroutes, MTR's, I know what loss/latency is etc.Plug directly into the cable modem and see what the result.In MTR you drop a packet on your first hop.Reply With", 02:51 AM #6, originally Posted by, tapaj, i have their new router which is the Arris DG1670 and pay for the 300/20 package which comes to about 75 a month.Having switched to TWC, there are times I can't even run a dungeon venetian casino las vegas restaurants due to lag spike into the 6000ms.Cable Providers seem to be one of the few companies that can get away with charging you more the steady of a customer you are.In the short time I was directly connected I did see the same symptoms.I don't have a trap on my line, I have cable tv, and the tap for my line is right over my driveway and I don't see any trap looking device on the line.If you're only getting 20 mbit highs, look up your modem and make sure it supports docsis.Not a cat, or a mutt!Reply With", 09:39 PM #4, i just switched to TWC from ATT because i moved and only TWC had service at my new place.I am also confused about the first hop after my pfSense router, it is named cpe, but it is not the IP of my modem.